About Sri Suswani Group Charitable Trust

Sri Suswani Group Charitable Trust is a non-profit Charity Organization Established in the year 2013. Sometimes when you are dealing with a serious problem you watch the world wandering happily by and want to either a) cry b) drown your sorrows c) say some rude words or d) all of the above, because it seems you are the only one in this sorry situation.

Well, you are not. Although there will be ups and downs you will come out the other side.

Distribution of helping aids viz. artificial limbs, crutches, calipers, tricycles, wheelchairs, hearing aids, blind sticks, sweater, clothes, school uniform, blankets, sewing machine, etc. among poor and the needy ones

Regular distribution of school uniforms & stationery among underprivileged and needy students



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Our mission

There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread

Our Vision

To help build a more influential, equal and socially conscious society